What is a Prebiotic?

Please do not confuse this term with Probiotic. Prebiotics are a type of non-digestible carbohydrate that can supply both dietary fiber and a helping hand to the micro-organisms that are living in our digestive system. Inulin, which is found in chicory, is a very commonly available dietary fiber. Dietary fibers have both a fiber effect and a prebiotic effect.

Prebiotics enhance the strength of both the micro-organisms that line our gut as well as the probiotics that we supplement our diet with. Just as you want to have a balanced diet our microbiome, as well as our body, craves a nutritious and well-balanced diet. Dietary Fiber, such as Fiber Delights, can produce regular transit time during digestion, reduce glycemic load, thereby reducing the risk of diabetes and improving the well-being of your microbiome.

Research continues to prove that a healthy lifestyle is our best medicine. There is no magic bullet. A balanced diet with regular exercise is the best pathway to follow. Sometimes, you have to add nutritional support to offset the daily stress of life. Probiotics, Prebiotics and dietary fiber are good places to start.

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